About us

Our history

Nivi Group S.p.a. is the Holding of Nivi group, owner of the know-how of all the member companies.

Nivi’s brand is present in the Italian and European market since 60 years as a synonym for reliability, competence and innovation in the world of business and public authorities services.

During the last years Nivi Group has been establishing itself in the high information technology with application into the areas of Smart City and Security, through a process of competence diversification.

Nivi Group enlarged its Market in this areas, starting a success and profitable internationalization path, through patented products which are unique worldwide.

Group's companies

Nivi Group’s companies work in many different but complementary fields, sharing experiences and technologies, making the offered service unique in any issuer sector.

Nivi SpA is a company founded in 1960 and deals with international banks, financial istitutions, public and private collection, with a dense collector network in Italy and correspondents with high professional competence in the world.

Nivi Gestiones España SL , leader society in Spain with headquarters in Madrid, operates to notify abroad the contraventions of the Highway Code to foreign citizens on behalf of the main Spanish public authorities and of all the Municipalities belonging to FEMP (Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces).

Nivi Group SpA , the Holding of Nivi group, owner of the know-how of all the member companies.

Nivi Suisse Sagl , a Swiss company specialized in the field of banks, commercial and institutional Debt Collection, at a national and international level. Nivi Suisse also recovers special fees as compensation for the usage of Public Administration services.

Nivi SpA

International debt collection and Business Information. External link: www.nivi.it

Nivi Gestiones España SL

Servicios de cobro de deudas en España y en el mundo. External link: www.nivigestiones.es

Nivi Group SpA

Holding, owner of the know-how of the Nivi group. External link: www.nivigroup.com

Nivi Suisse Sagl

Services providing in debt collection of commercial, banking and institutional claims: www.nivi-suisse.ch